ePortID LLC Turns to BluEdge for Custom Leading-Edge Solutions

November 15, 2016   |   Featured Projects  ≫  3D Printing

ePortID LLC, a software company located in Philadelphia specializing in advanced biometric identity verification systems, was recently approached by their client the Delaware River Stevedores (DRS) to outfit their new corporate office with one of ePortID LLC’s security management solutions.

DRS’s corporate office combines operations and administrative personnel as well as truckers checking for deliveries and pick up of cargo. To manage the flow of these two streams of people, DRS decided to put in a series of locked doors that only open for those with permissions to enter specific areas. They selected the ePortID™ solution that uses the Fujitsu PalmSecure® palm vein scanning technology which is highly accurate (99.99992%) and very fast.

ePortID LLC then partnered with BluEdge to design a housing unit for the scanners. The units needed to accommodate the scanners, lights, and a USBX extender into one ergonomic design. They also needed to be easy for the installer to mount and simple for the users to interact with. These were then 3D printed in hard, black nylon and coated with a nano-tech hydrophobic coating that made them effectively water proof.

BluEdge and ePortID LLC are proud to have collaborated to provide their clients with leading-edge solutions!