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Managed Print Services

Centralize your workflow, reduce overhead, and increase efficiency.

Save Time, Money, Effort, and Hassle with a Trusted MPS Partner.

Our dedicated team of software & hardware professionals will work with you to create empowering solutions that include both onsite and offsite support.

We will help streamline your workflow, implement usage tracking, and enact billing solutions.

Any equipment placed at your location is owned by BluEdge. This allows us the flexibility to switch out equipment as needed to ensure you're always utilizing the best desktop, multifunction, or 3D printers for your specific needs.

Developing Your Program
With 50+ years in the industry, we've perfected the art of designing the most efficient solution for our clients.
We combine metrics and personnel interviews to discover the challenges in your current program. We typically deploy our print management and remote monitoring tools to analyze usage trends and equipment uptime.
Solution Presentation
As a “vendor neutral” provider, we are afforded the freedom to select the right technology for your environment. We will present the anticipated ROI and work with your IT department to ensure that our solution works seamlessly with your current infrastructure
Supplies, Maintenance, and Training
All standard supplies, maintenance, and training for BluEdge provided equipment will be included in your unit rate cost structure.
Communication is key for a successful implementation. You will be assigned a Dedicated BluEdge Account Executive who will work with you throughout the entire process and will schedule milestone reviews to ensure everything is going to your satisfaction
We monitor trends on equipment use, maintenance, materials, and more to ensure everything works at peak efficiency. We will conduct quarterly business reviews to ensure your program is working as planned.

What Sets Us Apart

zero debt
Zero Debt

We purchase all of our equipment, so we can adjust your program as needed.​

First MPS Provider

First provider for the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industry in the U.S.​

RMX Network 1
RMX Network

As a founding member, we have access to 200 partner locations nationwide.

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Founding Member

With over 50 locations worldwide we provide our clients access to global resources.

Staffing Solutions

Our on-site associates are here to alleviate the burden of everyday hardware and software issues by providing technical support.

Each member of our onsite team is pre-screened and trained by our internal MPS management team. They also undergo regular evaluations to ensure you are always receiving top-notch service.

Daily color management & collaboration
Production of all onsite work including plotting, copying, binding, and scanning
Coordination of all off-site production work
Production delivery scheduling
Supply management
Housekeeping of print centers
Troubleshooting of hardware & software issues
Maintenance of cost recovery solutions
Mailroom fulfillment
Professional backup from our commercial locations

Cost Recovery

Argos is the BluEdge cost recovery software that puts you in control. Argos monitors every print and copy on your printers, plotters, and copiers. By consolidating all of your data into one place, Argos gives you the ability to report, bill, and analyze everything that happens on your network.

Global Features
Reduce the number of print queues on workstations and increase productivity. Just hit "Print", then walk to any device to retrieve your documents.
Secure Release
Nothing prints until you say so. Each user will receive a personal PIN or swipe card to ensure that each job prints securely & privately.
Designed for the AEC Industry
Argos was designed from the ground up to be compatible with the specialty hardware and software found in Architectural, Engineering, and Construction firms. Large format printers, plot submission tools, Revit and other BIM platforms.
"I am a small company, with a small monthly account, but BluEdge never makes me feel that way. They are always there when we need help with anything, and their response time is unmatched."
Jones Architecture
"Some of the key aspects that typically set BluEdge apart from the others is their leadership. They've placed some of the best managed print service people that I've ever worked with. They know our business, and that's really where their value comes through."
Perkins Eastman
"Thank you all for making the transition to BluEdge FM so pleasant. You have a really well coordinated team at BluEdge, plus everyone is so easy going! MNLA staff found them all to be helpful and patient."
Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects

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