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3D Printing Services for Philadelphia, PA

Manufacturing, Revolutionized.

Transform your ideas into tangible assets with 3D printing in Philadelphia, PA. From prototypes to end-use products, our services cater to the diverse needs of industries like construction, manufacturing, architecture, and healthcare, driving innovation forward.

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Rapid Prototyping Redefined:

Accelerate your design innovation journey with BluEdge's cutting-edge 3D printing services in Philadelphia. Crafted for prototyping purposes, our solutions offer rapid and cost-effective development cycles, enabling you to refine your designs with precision.

Design Excellence, Simplified

Unsure how to proceed with your project? Allow our 3D design services team provide the expertise you need. Our dedicated team of 3D designers meticulously prepares digital models for printing, guaranteeing that your final piece is a masterpiece of both aesthetics and structural integrity for our Washington, D.C. clientele.

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Beyond Print Brilliance

Expand your creative toolkit with BluEdge's comprehensive range of 3D services. From meticulously sculpted clay models to visually striking artistic renderings and lifelike photo-realistic models, we offer a diverse array of solutions to our Philadelphia clients to transform your ideas into reality.


"We were very pleased at the expediency and quality of work that BluEdge delivered to us. The 3D printing experience was successful from start to finish. BluEdge has a robust amount of resources and options to produce just the model you are looking for"


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Our Services

Your trusted 3D printer in Philadelphia, PA.

File Fixing
Expert solutions to optimize and repair digital files for seamless printing and manufacturing.
Scan-to-BIM 3D Modeling
Transform laser-scanned data into Building Information Models for comprehensive architectural insights.
Laser Cutting
Precision cutting services using advanced laser technology for intricate and accurate designs.
Clay-Model Renderings
Transcend digital design with tactile clay models, providing a tangible preview of your vision.
Artistic Renderings
Elevate designs with visually stunning and creative renderings for a captivating presentation.
Photo-Realistic Rendering
Achieve unparalleled realism in visualizations with high-quality, lifelike renderings.
Model Making
Bring concepts to life with expertly crafted physical models for tangible, hands-on exploration.
Equipment Sales
Access top-tier technology solutions through seamless equipment sales, ensuring your business operates at its best.
Managed 3D Print Services
Streamline and optimize your 3D printing processes with our expert management services, ensuring efficiency and quality.
Digital Rendering Custom Fabrication
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Public Sector Reality Capture, 3D Scanning
Philadelphia Public Safety Building, Reality Capture
View Case Study
3D Modeling
River's Edge Luxury Retirement
View Case Study
Public Sector Reality Capture, 3D Scanning
Landmark Kinmouth Building
View Case Study

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BluEdge, Philadelphia

1015 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

phone: 215.627.6493
email: [email protected]


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Cushman Wakefield
James Baldwin
Martinez + Johnson
Mini Cooper
Hot Wheels
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Website Testimonial rabid reproductions

"I wanted to thank BluEdge for their expertise in 3D. It really eases my mind that we have someone to turn to when we need assistance with getting files ready to print. The wrap of the SketchUp file worked perfectly and our client was super impressed"

Rabid Reproductions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our 3D printers accept .STL file formats scaled in millimeters. We work with a variety of programs that can import and export many different file types. Some common file types and programs we work with include:

  • Rhinoceros 3D (.3dm)
  • AutoCAD (.dwg)
  • 3DS Studio Max (.3ds)
  • Maya (.mb)
  • Z-Brush (.zbr)
  • Blender (.blend)
  • .obj files


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