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Digital Media Solutions

Elevate your brand's presence across both physical and digital realms with high-quality digital media assets. Whether you're looking for retouched images suitable for large format graphics, show-stopping visuals for digital signage, or video animation for a film trailer, we offer limitless possibilities to bring your vision to life.

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Computer-generated imagery (CGI) may be used to create animations, commercials, images, print media, videos, and other 3D computer graphics.


Utilize the latest 3D applications to build or recreate your assets digitally across multiple platforms, including video, still imaging, VFX, AR, and VR.

3D Services Model Making








3D Services 3D Photo Realism


3D Services Rendering Services


Photo Retouching

Enhance your images, from portraits to cosmetic products, jewelry, clothing, and food to suit your intended use. Our media team are experts in their craft, ensuring every detail is perfected for an extraordinary result.

icon_Background manipulation

Background Manipulation

icon_Color Grading

Color Grading

icon_composite imaging

Composite Imaging

icon_Portrait enhancement

Portrait Enhancement

icon_blemish removal

Blemish Removal

High Level Creative Graphics (Color Devision)

Image File Prep

Value Prop Digital Content Creation (3)
Value Prop Digital Content Creation


Visual effects (VFX) is used to draft imagery from a combination of digital images and live-action shots that are widely utilized during post-production.


Create stunning visual effects to complement or enhance footage, videos and animations for type or stylized characters—advance rig removal, rotoscoping, keying, compositing, color grading, and more.


Rig Removal



icon_Particle Simulation

Particle Systems & Simulations



icon_Color Grading

Color Grading

icon_Rig copy

Set Extensions


Create immersive and interactive experiences with AR and VR technology to elevate your products and campaigns. Our expertise in augmented and virtual reality tools transforms how your products are showcased and interacted with. We transform your assets and enhance your advertising strategies, making your brand more memorable and impactful.

3D Services Model Making

3D Modeling


Interactive Product Customization


Immersive Storytelling

3D Services Rendering Services

3D Animation


Realistic Texturing & Lighting

Fabrication Interactive Touching

Interactive Environments

AR:VR Banner

Versatile, Expandable, and Limitless.

Architectural Visualization
Bring architectural concepts to life with realistic and visually appealing renderings for a captivating presentation.
Commercial Ads
Transform your brand with compelling visuals and impactful commercial ads that leave a lasting impression.
Concept Visualization
Visualize ideas and concepts with precision and creativity, transforming abstract visions into tangible representations.
Digital Signage Content
Captivate your audience with dynamic and engaging content tailored for digital signage platforms.
Event Display Assets
Make a statement at events with eye-catching display assets designed to enhance your brand presence.
GG Model-to-Manufacturing Workflows
Streamline your design-to-manufacturing processes with efficient GG (Generative Design) models for optimal production workflows.
Image File Prep
Perfect your visuals with meticulous image file preparation, ensuring high-quality and print-ready materials.
Mechanical Production
Mechanical Production: Ensure seamless and precise mechanical production processes, from design to manufacturing.
Print-Ready Design
Guarantee a flawless print outcome with designs optimized for printing, delivering professional and polished results.
Product Launches
Elevate your product debut with visually stunning and immersive showcases that captivate your audience.
Projection Mapping
Create immersive experiences with projection mapping content that transforms surfaces into dynamic canvases.
Social Media Campaigns
Boost your online presence with attention-grabbing social media and marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience.
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"Our successes are the contributions of leading partners/providers, including BluEdge! The team are experts in all things digital, and their proactive business model combined with their global firepower is truly impressive!"

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"The creative team at BluEdge has always gone above and beyond, delivering high-quality results and satisfying the insane demands presented by our marketing deadlines. All communications have always been professional and prompt. This relationship extended over 25 years"

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A Conversation With John Gagliardi, Director Of Experiential Creations At BluEdge
Digital Media, Experiential Marketing A Conversation With John Gagliardi, Director Of Experiential Creations At BluEdge

Our team has a mix of digital fabrication, large format printing, and immersive environment experience. Over the past 15 years, we've blended these skills to stay ahead of market trends. We focus on creating tangible builds combined with interactive digital experiences, which not only catch attention but also provide measurable analytics. This helps our clients understand how people interact with their spaces, making the experiences more engaging and effective.

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Sometimes, Photo Shoots Just Won't Work. When deadlines loom, every moment counts. In many cases, a creative director and production team won't have the luxury of time needed for planning and scheduling a photo shoot.

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