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Experiential Marketing

Custom Influencer Kits & PR Boxes

Enhance your brand's reach with our Custom Influencer Kits. Designed to reflect your unique identity, these kits include curated products and branded materials for a seamless influencer partnership. Transform your marketing strategy and make your brand the talk of the town with our expertly crafted kits.

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Unique Designs that Enhance Engagement.

Our innovative designs make each box a memorable experience, captivating influencers and their audiences. These unique elements highlight your brand's identity and inspire passionate engagement, driving organic growth and leaving a lasting impression. Elevate your influencer marketing with our standout kits.

Sustainable Innovation: Eco-Friendly Packaging That Stands Out From the Crowd.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to both our operations and our clients' projects. We prioritize using eco-friendly products and regularly research ways to reduce and reuse materials, including safe inks, papers, reusable bottles, pulp and cardboard vacforms, and recycled packaging.

Value Prop Comps and Sustainability

"As design professionals, we are conditioned to working to the last minute in order to refine our end product to the greatest extent possible. This can put an enormous strain on all participants in the project delivery process. BluEdge has always been a reliable partner, willing to expend the effort required to ensure that we are able to deliver our projects on time and in accordance with our high quality standards. They are highly professional, and have always been a pleasure to work with."

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Why Use Influencer Kits?

Brand Awareness Campaigns
Use the kit to introduce influencers to your brand. Include branded merchandise, informative brochures, and samples of your best-selling products to help them familiarize themselves with your offerings.
Event Invitations
Send a kit as a personalized invitation to an upcoming event or launch party. Include event details, branded swag, and any necessary items to build anticipation and ensure attendance.
Giveaways and Contests
Include additional products or branded items that influencers can use for giveaways and contests. This helps to increase engagement and reach by encouraging their followers to participate.
Product Launches
Send customized kits to influencers to generate buzz and excitement around your new product launch. Include samples, product information, and promotional materials to help influencers create engaging content.
Seasonal Promotions
Tailor your influencer boxes for seasonal campaigns, such as holiday promotions or back-to-school events. Include themed items, limited-edition products, and promotional materials relevant to the season.
Tutorials and How-Tos
Equip influencers with everything they need to create tutorials or how-to content. Include step-by-step guides, product samples, and any necessary tools or accessories to demonstrate the product’s use effectively.
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"You have an excellent, client oriented crew there. Exemplary for your company. They know not only how to manage a smooth operation, but to also ensure that clients leave pleased and satisfied with a great printing / production vendor backing them."



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