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3D Scanning

Save Time, Reduce Costs, & Increase Accuracy

Digitally preserve artifacts or assess construction sites with precision using 3D laser scanning. Convert the captured field data into actionable 3D models for informed decision-making.

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Precision Beyond Measure

From intricate details to vast landscapes, our cutting-edge technology captures the real world with precision, providing you with high-quality and detailed 3D models for diverse applications. Explore immersive 3D tours that bring spaces to life, offering a dynamic and interactive experience.

Seamless Reality Capture Experience

Our expert scanning team, coupled with advanced technology, ensures a seamless process from capture to delivery, empowering industries such as architecture, construction, and design with precise and immersive 3D models. Immerse yourself in captivating 3D tours that showcase spaces in unprecedented detail.

Value Prop 3D Scanning

Matterport 3D Tours

Immerse your audience in lifelike, interactive experiences that go beyond traditional visuals, offering an engaging exploration of spaces with unprecedented detail. From real estate to commercial spaces, our Matterport 3D tours redefine the way you showcase and experience environments online.

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“From the onset of the distribution of our documents, BluEdge's staff has gone beyond any of my expectations of organization, professionalism, and information distribution. I have been involved in public bidding for twenty years and I have never had the distribution of documents to contractors go so smooth and without problems”


Our Services

Elevate your prints with meticulous finishing touches through our expert post-processing services.
Inspection Analysis
Ensure perfection with thorough analysis, guaranteeing the precision and quality of your 3D prints.
Digital Rendering
Transform concepts into visual masterpieces with our high-quality digital rendering services.
3D Printing
Experience innovation at its core with our cutting-edge 3D printing solutions, bringing your ideas to life layer by layer.
Model Making
From concept to tangible reality, our skilled team crafts detailed physical models that capture the essence of your vision.
Virtual Tours
Bring people to your location from the comfort of their own homes with easy to access, 360 virtual tours.
Scanning Team
Capture intricate details seamlessly with our expert scanning team, translating the physical world into digital precision.
Equipment Rentals
Unlock flexibility in your projects with our equipment rentals, providing top-tier technology for your short-term needs.
Equipment Sales
Access cutting-edge technology with our equipment sales, ensuring your business operations are equipped for success.
Custom Display Reality Capture, 3D Scanning
View Case Study
Public Sector Reality Capture, 3D Scanning
Landmark Kinmouth Building
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Public Sector Reality Capture, 3D Scanning
Philadelphia Public Safety Building, Reality Capture
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3D Services CGI
CG Workflow for Scholastic
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Our Work

Lincoln Park
Mt. Vernon Place
National Aerospace Museum
Oil Lamp Artifact
3D Plumbing Scan

Frequently Asked Questions

Blueprints can often be inaccurate and not take into account minor renovations and remodels. 3D laser scanning provides you with engineering-grade, exact measurements. Reduce reworks on your project by exposing inaccuracies early in the process before they turn into costly change orders.


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