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Reprographics and Beyond

BluEdge was founded as a Reprographics firm over 125 years ago, so document services will always have a special place in our hearts. As technology has advanced, so have we. We are proud to be your one-stop-shop for all of your document services needs.

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Trust BluEdge Reprographics and CAD services for swift and accurate blueprinting of architectural plans, elevations, and specifications. With services ranging from Traditional Black and White Prints to Full Color CAD Prints, our expert team ensures your vision is translated into stunning, high-quality prints.

Seamless Document Excellence

Elevate your project documentation with BluEdge's Hyperlinking Services, utilizing Bluebeam Revu to aggregate data and provide digitized plans, editable text, and organized file structures. Our Scanning & Archiving, coupled with Document Management solutions, immortalizes your documents for 24/7 accessibility, while our Small Format Digital Prints guarantee crisp, beautiful graphics for every printed message, from catalogs to business cards.

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"After a competitive review process, Columbia University Medical Center selected BluEdge to archive over 10,000 architectural and engineering drawings. We found BluEdge to have superior web management capabilities, along with exceptional customer service"


Our Services

CAD Plotting
Transform digital designs into precise, large-scale prints with our CAD plotting services.
Hyperlinking Services
Enhance document navigation and accessibility with our expert hyperlinking services.
Scanning & Archiving
Preserve and organize your documents seamlessly with our professional scanning and archiving solutions.
Document Management
Streamline your workflow and access critical information effortlessly through our comprehensive document management services.
Small Format Digital Printing
Experience high-quality and vibrant prints with our state-of-the-art small format digital printing services.
Bluebeam Revu
Unlock the full potential of Bluebeam Revu with our expert training sessions, tailored to enhance your proficiency.
Managed Print Services
Optimize your print environment with our managed print services, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and seamless operations.
Online Print Ordering System
Simplify the print ordering process with our user-friendly online system, allowing convenient and efficient placement of customized print orders.
Web to Print Services
Streamline your printing process with our web-to-print services, enabling convenient and efficient online ordering of customized print materials.
RMX Network Partner Locations

As a founding member of the RMX Network, we have access to hundreds of partner sites across the United States. If you have multiple offices, you can expect the same level of quality service throughout your organization all while dealing with a single vendor.


"I love being able to place an order at my convenience; 7 days a week, 24 ours a day. The system takes me step by step, ensuring all important information is communicated the first time which ends up saving me time. I love it!"


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BluEdge's 125th Anniversary: A Journey of Excellence and Innovation
Our History BluEdge's 125th Anniversary: A Journey of Excellence and Innovation

Did you know only .5% of U.S. businesses reach their 100th anniversary? This year, we are so humbled and honored to be celebrating our 125th continuous year in business! Aside from celebrating this tremendous milestone, 2023 has been a year of significant change and accomplishments for BluEdge:

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Elevating Architectural Proposals: The Power of Presentation
Comps & Packaging Elevating Architectural Proposals: The Power of Presentation

In the competitive realm of architecture, where visions are translated into tangible structures that shape our world, the presentation of proposals holds an undeniable significance. Architects, as the creators of the future built environment, often invest significant time and resources in crafting innovative designs and comprehensive project plans. However, the way these proposals are presented to potential clients can greatly influence the success of securing projects worth millions of dollars.

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7 Key Benefits of 3D Printing for Architects
3D Printing 7 Key Benefits of 3D Printing for Architects

Additive manufacturing – or 3D printing – is being utilized amongst various industries including engineering, manufacturing, healthcare, food services, and beyond. NASA has even been experimenting with sending 3D printers to the ISS to create replacement parts.

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