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Experiential Marketing

Large Format Graphics

Elevate any environment with large format graphics, where every detail is an opportunity for storytelling. From concept to the final installation, we'll ensure each graphic is a high-quality representation of your brand, captivating, and scaled to make a significant impact.

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Story-Telling Graphics For All.

Our 60,000 sq. ft facility is equipped with the latest tools, technology, and a skilled team ready to execute both simple and complex print projects.


Whether you’re looking for temporary graphic solutions suitable for an event or tradeshow, or permanent installations for corporate environments, our team can provide comprehensive guidance and cost-effective strategies to meet your unique requirements.

What We Specialize In:

Trade Show / Exhibit Graphics

Event / Pop-up Graphics

Healthcare Graphics

AEC Graphics

Retail Graphics

Office/Corporate Workspace Graphics

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Tactile Experiences with Digital Wallpaper.

Create a space that is uniquely yours with high-end, textured wall coverings. Through our partnership with DreamScape, we can offer our clients durable, commercial-grade wallcoverings in a variety of textures.


"BluEdge has done a great job since the moment I started working with them. Our relationship goes for more than 7 years, and they have always delivered an amazing job. Our BluEdge Account Executive has always taken care of us and she is always suggesting new materials and options to make sure we have the best quality."


McCarter Theatre


Capture attention and convey messages effectively with versatile banners, ideal for both indoor and outdoor promotions.
Building Wraps
Make a bold statement with large-scale building wraps, transforming structures into attention-grabbing displays.
Distraction Graphics
Enhance privacy and aesthetics with distraction graphics, striking a balance between functionality and design.
Elevator Graphics
Utilize elevator spaces for branding or informational graphics, enhancing the overall environment.
Floor / Ceiling Graphics
Maximize branding opportunities by extending graphics to floors and ceilings for a cohesive and immersive experience.
Furniture / Décor Graphics
Infuse creativity into spaces by applying graphics to furniture and décor elements for a personalized touch.
Interior / Exterior Graphics
Transform spaces with versatile graphics designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Screen-Printed Graphics
Achieve high-quality, durable graphics through screen printing, suitable for various materials and applications.
Vehicle Wraps
Turn vehicles into mobile billboards with vibrant and eye-catching wraps, maximizing brand visibility on the go.
Wall Graphics
Personalize environments with visually striking wall graphics that reflect brand identity or enhance aesthetics.
Guide and inform with effective wayfinding graphics, ensuring clear and intuitive navigation within a space.
Window Graphics
Utilize windows as dynamic canvases for promotional messaging, branding, or privacy-enhancing graphics.
Environmental Graphics Custom Fabrication
Pediatric Associates Of Norwood & Franklin
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Food Fabrication Experiential Marketing
Barilla: "Step Into Love"
View Case Study
Experiential Graphics for The Market Line, Client: Zeus McNamara
Food & Beverage, Retail Experiential Graphics
The Market Line
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Rutgers University, Experiential Graphics for Women's La Crosse team
Education Experiential Marketing, Experiential Graphics
Rutgers University
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NY Giants
Millenium Park
Business Insider
Rutgers University
The Market Line
Di Bruno Brothers
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"Ever since we made the switch over to BluEdge, I have been nothing but impressed! Your reproductions, color replication and quick turnaround times have over exceeded what I was typically used to. I thank you guys greatly and I will be recommending you to any company looking for an exceptional graphics/reproduction/printing company"


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