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Experiential Marketing

Custom Props & Oversized Factices

our team is here to transform your vision into impactful, memorable creations. Bring us your creative ideas and our artists will craft custom props and oversized factices tailor-made for your brand. Whether it is for a trade show, store display, or special campaign, we're ready to make something amazing together.

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Experience the Art of Custom Prop Perfection.

Our expert prop makers design and construct bespoke props that capture attention and leave a lasting impression. Each prop is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring not only durability but also a striking, one-of-a-kind appearance. Our commitment to quality and creativity guarantees that your brand stands out, creating unforgettable experiences that resonate with your audience.

Exhibit Booths


Foam Sculptures

Oversized Games

Furniture & Set Pieces

Branded Activations

Go Big or Go Home.

Oversized factices—giant, eye-catching replicas of your products—are a powerful marketing tool that maximizes visual impact and engagement. Perfect for trade shows, retail environments, and experiential events, these larger-than-life displays draw attention, enhance brand recognition, and create memorable, interactive experiences. Their impressive presence not only boosts social media visibility with shareable content but also effectively tells your brand's story, making them a versatile and valuable addition to any marketing strategy.

Factice Perfume Bottles

Holiday Displays

Makeup Displays

Photo Shoot Props

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Courtesy of
Pepsi - Trade Show Graphics

"We want to express our appreciation for your team in the fabrication of the booth design and PLINKO, everything looked amazing exactly as we envisioned."


Engaging Experiences

Brand Activations
Interactive and immersive brand experiences come to life with large props that engage participants and leave a lasting impression of your brand.
Corporate Events
Reinforce your branding and create an engaging environment at company celebrations, anniversaries, and other corporate gatherings with well-placed props.
Film & Theater Productions
Essential for creating the set and atmosphere, props help bring your movies, plays, and performances to life.
Museum Exhibits
Create dynamic and interactive displays that enhance the visitor experience with the use of props and oversized factices.
Product Launches
Use oversized factices and props to make a dramatic reveal, generating excitement and buzz around your new products.
Public Installations
Engage the community and create memorable visual landmarks with art installations that feature oversized props.
Retail Displays
Oversized factices in window displays and in-store setups highlight your products and create an inviting atmosphere that draws in customers.
Themed Parties
Immerse your guests in the theme and enhance the atmosphere of special events like holiday parties and themed galas with thoughtfully designed props.
Trade Shows and Expos
Eye-catching props help you attract visitors to your booth, making your display stand out in a crowded and competitive environment.
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White Horse Wine and Spirits
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Hot Wheels
Rhode Beauty
Christian Dior
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NY Giants
Zeus McNamara
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Pediatrics Associates of Norwood & Franklin
Christian Dior
Artistry Studio

"BlueEdge has done a great job since the moment I started working with them. Our relationship has gone on for more than 7 years, and they have always delivered an amazing job. Our BlueEdge's Account Executive has always taken care of us, and she is always suggesting new materials and options to make sure we have the best quality. "

McCarter Theater

McCarter Theatre


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