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Experiential Marketing

Digital Signage Solutions

Elevate your communication strategy from a solitary display to smart interactive displays, video walls, and more. We’ll help you captivate your audience with cutting-edge digital signage technology.

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Innovative, Versatile, & Expandable.

Broadcast digital signage content across multiple screens and locations with our digital signage solutions. We combine essential elements like media players, CMS, AV distribution networks, and smart hardware to showcase diverse content, from product info to wayfinding, news alerts, ads, and more.

viewneo Partnership

We provide a variety of digital signage hardware options through our partnership with viewneo. These tools utilize smart technology, enhancing interactivity and offering personalized experiences for your audience.


Whether you're looking for advanced media players, AI-driven camera systems to tailor content for specific audiences, digital menu boards for restaurants, or motion sensors for dynamic product displays, our range has you covered. Hardware solutions include:

viewneo Butler device

Digital menus

RFID sensor kit for interactive product presentations

Demographic-responsive AI face recognition

viewneo Hardware
40-60 Header Digital Signage

Software Solutions

viewneo's cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) is designed to meet your current and future digital signage needs. It's a flexible system that grows with your business, offering powerful features today and the option to expand as your requirements evolve.


The CMS's modular design means your investment is future-proofed, providing a reliable and user-friendly platform for daily operations yet scalable enough for complex, multinational digital signage networks. Features include:

Cloud-Based Content Storage

Integrated Playlist Designer

Device Management

Content Schedule Automation

Dynamic Content Options

Additional Plugins Available

Digital Display Solutions

Single & Multi-Screen
Tailor your digital displays with versatile single and multi-screen options, adapting to your unique communication needs.
Video Walls
Immerse your audience in impactful visual experiences with cutting-edge video wall solutions.
Dynamic Dashboards
Stay informed and engaged with dynamic dashboards that seamlessly integrate essential information in real-time.
Smart Store Integrations
Transform your retail space with smart store integrations, enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency.
Kiosk System
Empower interactive engagement with customers through our advanced kiosk system, delivering a seamless and immersive experience.
Digital Menu Boards
Elevate your restaurant or business with visually stunning digital menu boards that capture attention and drive sales.
Wayfinding / Map systems
Simplify navigation and enhance user experience with intuitive wayfinding and map systems.
Audience-Specific Content Delivery
Deliver personalized and targeted content to your audience with innovative solutions for audience-specific content delivery.
Digital Signage project for client: La Peer Hotel
Hospitality Digital Signage, Experiential Marketing
La Peer Hotel
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Back Market, Digital Media Assets for multimedia campaign
Technology Digital Signage, Digital Media
Back Market
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Media & Entertainment Digital Signage, Video Animation
York Films
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"The LG OLED displays, with their superior clarity, color tone, and black density, perfectly showcased the intricate details of the artwork. The form factor and design of the displays added a sculptural quality to the installation, enhancing the overall experience for viewers."

La Peer Hotel

Website Testimonial la peer


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