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Visual Effects

Enhance your footage with stunning visual effects. Whether it is animations for type, stylized characters, or dynamic backgrounds, the right visuals can draw in audiences and increase brand engagement.

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With our team of skilled VFX artists and video editors, you can trust us to bring a high level of professionalism and expertise to every project. We possess the technical know-how, creativity, and attention to detail required to deliver top-notch results consistently.

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Video, Film, and Beyond.

Eye-catching animations and immersive experiences help promote products, services, or brands, and leave a lasting impression on target audiences.
Architectural Visualization
Utilize realistic renderings to aid architects, developers, and planners in simulating projects, and evaluating structures before construction.
Education & Training
Animations can create engaging learning materials that captivate students' attention and facilitate experiential learning across subjects and disciplines.
Film & Television
Elevate your storytelling. Bring fantastical characters to life, build out imaginative worlds, and create stunning background effects for film and TV.
Simulation & Visualization
Visualizations are an essential tool for making informed decisions and solving complex problems across various industries.
Video Game Graphics
Enhance the gameplay experience with realistic animations, dynamic effects, intriguing cutscenes, and captivating visuals.
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"The BE Media Team is fantastic, responsive, quick, and importantly, their work is top tier. Among several creative production studios in the City, BE Media work is the best and highest quality. Highly recommended BE Media for any and all Creative needs as they go above and beyond to meet needs of the client."


Video Logo VFX
York Films
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Volkswagen Campaign Graphics
Automotive Media, CGI, Retouching
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CGI Digital Rendering
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Kimpton La Peer Hotel
Jones Road
Marc Jacobs
Monkey 47
John Vervatos
Estée Lauder

"Our creative agency 929 Media worked directly with BluEdge to produce a series of aerial photo and video render assets for a new development project in New Jersey. The collaboration required intensive detail on GPS coordinates in order to match the desired final product. Thanks to their design team's technical expertise, the communication to reach the desired product was successful."

929 Media

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