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Solutions for the Beauty Industry

Captivating Beauty (Audiences)

At BluEdge, we go beyond visuals – we create experiences. With a commitment to excellence and a 60,000 sq. ft. production facility, our beauty-focused services redefine storytelling. Discover how our CGI, influencer kits, and more can elevate your brand's narrative.

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Harmony in Beauty: Elevate Your Brand Story Across Every Medium

In the competitive beauty industry, brand consistency is key. BluEdge serves as your singular experiential marketing partner, unifying the digital and physical realms with precision. From captivating retouching services to immersive environmental graphics, our 60,000 sq. ft. production facility ensures every element aligns seamlessly. Experience a harmonized narrative across all mediums, establishing your brand as a beacon of beauty in the eyes of your audience. With BluEdge, your beauty story unfolds consistently, creating an enduring and unforgettable impact.

Captivate Customers, Boost Your Sales.

Explore the unparalleled impact of custom fabrications on retail spaces within the beauty industry. Our expertly crafted displays and installations are more than just visual aesthetics; they are strategic tools designed to enhance customer experience, foster engagement, and ultimately elevate your brand's retail success.

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"BluEdge has been a steadfast partner through our brand's growth over the years. A very custom and personal approach to all our challenges, BluEdge has met all our asked needs and works closely with me to find the right solutions for the project at hand. I rely on and trust my partners at BluEdge. In fact, I think of them as a natural extension of my creative team."


Our Services

We've been evolving to become the perfect full-service partner for all of our clients.

Beauty Comps
Tailor-made packages for commercial or photo shoots, Beauty Comps enhance the presentation of cosmetic products, ensuring they captivate audiences and shine in promotional materials.
Enliven your beauty products through CGI, producing dynamic and visually striking representations that highlight the unique features of your cosmetics for maximum impact.
Environmental Graphics
Transform beauty spaces with Environmental Graphics, weaving a visually appealing narrative that creates an immersive and memorable experience for customers.
Experiential Fabrications
Produce visually stunning showcases that captivate customers and enhance overall brand engagement.
Influencer Kits
Curate branded experiences with influencer kits, strategically designed to engage beauty influencers and generate excitement around your latest cosmetic releases.
Perfect the allure of your beauty imagery with precision retouching, ensuring flawless and captivating visuals that elevate the appeal of your cosmetic products.
Influencer Kits Sustainable
SZA X Mastercard
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Dior x Saks "Carousel of Dreams" Holiday Window Display
Luxury Fashion Experiential Marketing, Fabrication
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Beauty Experiential Graphics
Jones Road
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Retouching Digital Content Creation
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Some of Our Work

Billie Eilish Photo Retouching
Dior Holiday Window Display
Estée Lauder CGI Imagery
Givenchy Influencer Kit
Henry Rose Counter Display
Retouching Out of Office Display for Instagram
Tom Ford Photo Retouching
It Cosmetics Retouching
Marc Jacobs CGI
Rainboweyes Photo Retouching

"The creative team at BluEdge have always gone above and beyond delivering high quality results and satisfying the insane demands presented by our marketing deadlines. All communications have always been professional and prompt. This relationship extended over 25 years."

Estée Lauder, Inc.

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