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Solutions for the Education Industry

Empowering Education Through Innovation.

Empower learning environments with BluEdge's comprehensive services tailored to the education industry. From state-of-the-art managed print solutions to cutting-edge 3D printing capabilities, we offer services designed to elevate educational experiences.

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Transforming Educational Spaces into Engaging Experiences.

Elevate your learning environment with BluEdge's experiential marketing services tailored to the education industry. We specialize in creating immersive brand experiences that captivate students, enhance engagement, and bring educational concepts to life. From vibrant environmental graphics to interactive installations, we redefine educational spaces to inspire curiosity and foster a dynamic learning atmosphere.

Elevate Education with Advanced Business Technology.

BluEdge delivers cutting-edge business technology solutions designed to enhance the education industry. From advanced 3D printing for hands-on learning to efficient document management and managed print services, our comprehensive suite of services transforms educational spaces, providing educators and students with the tools to inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and prepare for the future.

Value Prop Education
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"After a competitive review process, Columbia University Medical Center selected Bluedge to archive over 10,000 architectural and engineering drawings. We found Bluedge to have superior web management capabilities, along with exceptional customer service."


Our Services

We've been evolving to become the perfect full-service partner for all of our clients.

3D Printing
Ignite creativity and innovation in education with our 3D Printing solutions, offering hands-on learning experiences through tangible and interactive models.
Custom Fabrications
Elevate educational displays and exhibits with our Custom Fabrication, tailoring unique solutions to enhance the visual impact of educational content.
Digital Content Creation
Whether you want to add some jazz up your jumbotron or engage your students on social media, our Digital Content Creation services are sure to delight your audience.
Digital Media Players
Effortlessly disseminate content and stay current with real-time updates through our cloud-based online portal, ensuring seamless communication across your campus.
Display Systems
Make a lasting impression at trade shows and recruiting events with our dynamic Display Systems, designed to captivate and engage your audience.
Document Services
Allow us to manage your excess printing needs. From form letters to test sheets, we guarantee swift delivery of your documents.
Environmental Graphics
Transform educational spaces into immersive learning environments with our Environmental Graphics, fostering a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.
Managed Print Services
Optimize your workflows and increase savings with energy-efficient print equipment. Semi-annual business reviews will ensure that your program is always right sized to your needs.
Small Format Prints
Ensure clarity and quality in your color documents, brochures, and other educational materials.
Educational Institution Experiential Marketing, Fabrication
Rutgers University
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"I wanted to thank BluEdge for their expertise in 3D. It really eases my mind that we have someone to turn to when we need assistance with getting files ready to print. The wrap of the SketchUp file worked perfectly, and the customer was super impressed."

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