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Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Elevate Patient Experiences.

With a legacy of over 125 years, we bring a wealth of expertise to the healthcare industry. From precision printing for medical documents to cutting-edge 3D technologies, our comprehensive suite of services is designed to enhance efficiency, communication, and patient care.

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Healing Environments, Redefined.

Prioritize the well-being of patients and staff with BluEdge's commitment to creating a healing environment. Our low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) graphics solutions for medical spaces ensure a healthier atmosphere. Experience healthcare graphics that enhance aesthetics and contribute to a safer and more comfortable healing environment for all.

Optimize Your Document Management and Printing Processes.

Our advanced MPS solutions ensure enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and streamlined workflows, allowing you to focus on delivering high-quality care while we take care of your printing needs. Experience the next level of operational excellence with our cutting-edge MPS technology tailored for the healthcare industry.

Value Prop Healthcare
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"​​After a competitive review process, Columbia University Medical Center hired BluEdge to archive over 10,000 architectural and engineering drawings. We found BluEdge to have superior web management capabilities, along with exceptional customer service."

Our Services

Healthcare Business Technology Solutions and Experiential Marketing Services from one trusted partner.

3D Printing
Drive healthcare innovation with our advanced 3D Printing solutions, enabling the creation of precise medical models and prototypes tailored to healthcare needs.
3D Scanning
Capture intricate medical details seamlessly with our expert 3D Scanning services, enhancing precision and advancing healthcare workflows.
Environmental Graphics
Foster healing environments in healthcare with our low VOC Environmental Graphics, creating visually soothing and safe spaces for patients and staff.
Equipment Sales
Access cutting-edge and reliable 2D and 3D printing technology that meets the unique needs of healthcare providers.
Managed IT Services
Elevate your healthcare digital infrastructure with secure technology solutions.
Managed Print Services
Optimize your document workflows with our tailored Managed Print Services, ensuring secure and efficient operations.
Media Players
Take control of messaging across your healthcare facility with viewneo Media Players and cloud-based management system.
Small Format Printing
Ensure precision and compliance in healthcare documentation with our Small Format Printing services, meeting the industry's stringent standards.
Wayfinding & Signage
Enhance patient experience and navigation within healthcare facilities with Wayfinding & Signage solutions, designed for a patient-centric environment.
Custom Fabrication Environmental Graphics Patient Journey
Pediatric Associates Of Norwood & Franklin
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Experiential Marketing, Fabrication
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"​​I wanted to thank BluEdge for their expertise in 3D. It really eases my mind that we have someone to turn to when we need assistance with getting files ready to print. The wrap of the SketchUp file worked perfectly and the customer was super impressed."

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