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Create Captivating Brand Experiences

We empower marketing professionals to elevate their integrated marketing campaigns and make a lasting impact. Explore our innovative solutions that redefine visual excellence, from meticulous retouching to cutting-edge visual effects, influencer kits, fabrications, and beyond.

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Experience the power of a unified approach to marketing solutions.

We combine various services, including CGI, influencer kits, environmental graphics, hero comps, and high-quality printed materials, all under one roof. Streamline your creative process, ensure brand consistency, and amplify your impact with our integrated services tailored to redefine visual excellence.

Decades of experience in delivering impactful visual solutions. 

Our seasoned team, backed by a legacy of success, ensures that every service, from CGI to environmental graphics, is infused with expertise. Trust our wealth of experience to amplify your brand's influence and create enduring connections with your audience.

Value Prop Marketing
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"To our successes are the contributions of leading partners/providers, including BluEdge. The team are experts in all things digital, and their proactive business model combined with their global firepower is truly impressive!"

Global Marketing Supply Chain LLC

Our Services

Your one-stop-shop for experiential marketing services.

Unleash creativity with our CGI services, crafting stunning and realistic visuals to captivate your audience and enhance your image library.
Environmental Graphics
Create immersive brand experiences with our environmental graphics, transforming spaces into visually engaging marketing platforms.
Hero Comps
Showcase your product with compelling hero comps meticulously crafted for use in commercial settings.
Immersive Fabrications
Craft unforgettable brand experiences with our immersive fabrications, designed to leave a lasting impression on your audience.
Influencer Kits
Boost your brand's influence with our thoughtfully curated influencer kits tailored to make a lasting impact on your target audience.
Printed Marketing Materials
Ensure your brand stands out with high-quality printed marketing materials, from brochures to business cards. Feel free to take the extra step with our custom digital storefronts.
Elevate your visual content with our meticulous retouching services, ensuring every detail of your campaign is polished to perfection.
viewneo Elevate your digital signage strategy with viewneo, a versatile, cloud-based platform for dynamic and engaging content delivery.
Visual Effects (VFX)
Transform your marketing campaigns with cutting-edge visual effects, bringing a dynamic and immersive touch to your content.
Food Fabrication Experiential Marketing
Barilla: "Step Into Love"
View Case Study
Custom Fabrication Event Fabrication
Hot Wheels X Daniel Arsham
View Case Study
Dior x Saks "Carousel of Dreams" Holiday Window Display
Luxury Fashion Experiential Marketing, Fabrication
View Case Study
Retail Influencer Kits
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Some of Our Work

Municipal Experiential Design & Fabrication
Walrus Advertising Billboards
Billie Eilish photo retouching
Bud Light Influencer Kit
Instagram Retouching, VFX, & Asset Creation
Dior Holiday Window Displays
Modelo Experiential Graphics
Ballinger Booklets
Reebok Event Fabrication
NY Giants Event Graphics

"Our creative agency 929 Media worked directly with BluEdge to produce a series of aerial photo and video render assets for a new development project in New Jersey. The collaboration required intensive detail on GPS coordinates in order to match the desired final product. Thanks to their design team's technical expertise, the communication to reach the desired product was successful."

929 Media

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